Hello World!

We are all living in the future. At least if we trust Wait but Why, and why shouldn’t we? Last year we finally reached the day Marty McFly travelled to in the movie Back in the Future and mainly because of that we have seen a dozen or so different hoverboards presented to us in the past months. Self-driving electric cars do not surprise anymore and there are people with serious plans of colonizing Mars.

If we look at the business side of things I also see the future all around us. For me this means that the old rules don’t apply anymore. The internet has matured and slowly but surely changed almost all industries and businesses. I have written about the doomsday of businesses in different forums for a few years now. I feel that this whining must end and I must offer answers rather than questions. In the coming posts I am trying to provide those and hopefully I can attract some posts from my colleagues, friends and other people wiser than myself.

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