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Source: How The Presidential Candidates Spy On Their Supporters | Indicative

Everyone and their cousin is talking about the importance of big data. But what does it really mean? The ongoing presidential election in the US gives us an unique viewpoint into how big data is used in large scale and with nearly endless budget. I found this story while listening to this episode of The Daily Tech News podcast, which I highly recommend. The linked article gives an in-depth analysis on how the candidates are using technology and which tools are been utilized.

The candidates or their crew follow visitors in their website and buy data from the likes of Facebook and Google to find their supporters and to contact them. In addition to just finding them, they know in advance which topics the supporters might be interested in. So, for example, when calling a potential supporters they can start talking about religious freedom to one person and emphasize the importance of keeping Trump out of Washington to other. All these tools can and are used in retargeting advertising as well, but the presidential election is a very interesting series of events with limited choices so this can be followed more clearly. Grab your popcorn and tune in!