My sources of news and information

In the past all you needed was a daily subscription of your local newspaper and you got all the information you needed every morning to your coffee table. Many people still follow that routine, but we live in a much bigger and more open world nowadays and no single news outlet can cover all the needs for information. Not for me anyway. So, how do I keep up with the things I want to follow. This is how.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is still the first place I go in the morning to see what’s going on. There in the same stream are the latest things from my friends, but also a great variety of very different kinds of news from all over the world. I happen to have a very heterogeneous and quite large social network that shares all kinds of interesting things. I have a feeling that the importance of Facebook is in the decline for me , though, as it is with many of my friends

  1. Helsingin Sanomat on iPad

I am a subscriber of Helsingin Sanomat, the largest and best newspaper in Finland. I get it on my iPad anywhere I want and I get both an overview of what’s happening in Finland and especially on weekends, very interesting deep insights into topical themes. The latter is even more interesting to me than the news.

  1. The daily tech news show –podcast

As confessed in my earlier blog (in Finnish), I am a patreon to the DTNS-podcast. I listen to it every weekday and get, in my opinion, the best overview and discussion of the technology related news in the World. For issues I get more excited I can go to the DTNS shownotes and find related links to dig deeper into the topic as I have many times done.

  1. Giga OM’s seven things to read this weekend –email

Giga OM, a well-known tech journalist and a VC began a short while ago a mailing list to which he sends seven links that he found most interesting in the past week. I have found so many pearls in these emails that I eagerly wait for the email every Saturday. The articles are often long and the topics such that I would never have read them if they were not on the list.

So, for me it is a mix of social media, traditional media on digital platform, a podcast and a mailing list. Everyone have their own need for information and sources for it.